Telfleks Automotive provides services for the leading industry manufacturers in the automotive, agricultural, and defense industries, both domestically and globally. It constantly renews and improves itself to reach the goal of high quality and low cost. Giving priority to R&D studies in this direction, Telfleks Automotive offers both product development solutions to its customers and designs and develops new in-house production systems by following up-to-date technology. Our company operates in a new production facility of 2000 square meters today and manufactures mechanical control wires, sheet metal mechanisms for control systems.


Telfleks Automotive was founded in Istanbul in 1990 as an OEM supplier for agricultural vehicles and commercial vehicles.


In the 2000s, we started to play an active role in product design and validation tests. Apart from the automotive industry, we began to work in the aviation, maritime, and defense industries.


We changed our shareholder structure and started to distribute our products globally.


Between 2011 and 2012, we completed the "Semi-Automatic Continuous Conduit Machine with Flexible Diameter Adjustment Capability" project within the scope of R&D studies.


In 2017, we moved to a new 2000 square meter production facility. We added the production of sheet metal mechanisms to our product range.