We can design and build moulds, fixtures, equipment, and machinery with our solid technical infrastructure and provide solutions within a customer-oriented quality approach. In addition to production-specific enhancements, we constantly explore recent technologies to design and develop new production systems.
Telfleks Mould
We complete both design and manufacture of the following operations within our premises:
  • Moulds for metal forming and cutting
  • Plastic injection moulds
  • Rubber moulds
  • Production specific fixtures
  • Special equipment and machinery for mass production
  • Testing equipments
Telfleks R&D
Compeleted Projects
We completed our push-pull conduit machine in 1999, which has the feature of applying push-pull conduit and plastic coating successively and continuously. We use these cables in the production of transmission cables.
Telfleks R&D
Between 2012 and 2011, we completed the "Semi-Automatic Continuous Conduit Machine with Flexible Diameter Adjustment Capability" project with the support from "TÜBİTAK TEYDEB 1507 The SME R&D Startup Support Program". Since then, we produce conduits in the required length and diameter within our premises.
Telfleks R&D
Current Projects
Our "Manufacturing Execution System Development" project continues, which we offer within the scope of the "KOSGEB Kobigel-SME Development Support Program," which encourages the development of a production execution system ready for Industry 4.0 processes. Within this project, we are also developing a "PLC Controlled Automatic Cutting Machine" and aim to automate the cutting of hoses, conduits, and steel ropes within our production.